Learning with people in Ethnomusicology

February 12, 2008

I never intended to be an ethnomusicologist, and I still tend to claim that I’m not one. I usually say that I work in view of the discipline, or something like that. What I can say with some confidence is that I very much enjoy the company and friendship of many of the people I have met in ethnomusicology departments and at ethnomusicology conferences. Some of my best friends in the world I have met in and through the academic discipline of ethnomusicology. I think I’d like to make my first blog post on this team blog to be simply that, a brief celebration of the people with whom I get to I learn how to be human in the discipline. Yay for comradeship and scholarship and fun and respect and room to roam. Yes, it’s never all roses, but there’ll be plenty of time to write of other things … 😉

 I look forward to seeing how this team blog develops! 🙂